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Democrats shift to the left in weekend platform fight

ORLANDO -- If party platforms matter -- and the jury is out on that -- what happened this weekend in a sweltering Hilton conference room was remarkable. The Democratic Party shifted farther to the left in one election than perhaps since 1972, embracing once-unthinkable stances on carbon pricing, police reform, abortion rights, the minimum wage, […]

Sanders loses on trade at Democratic platform meeting

ORLANDO -- Supporters of Bernie Sanders came up short in a fight to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the Democratic Party platform, a short-term victory for the Obama administration that could spark another fight at the national convention this month. By a vote of 116 to 64, the platform committee approved language -- critical of "trade […]

Democrats back $15 minimum wage, but stalemate on Social Security

ORLANDO — The Democratic National Committee added a call for a $15 minimum wage to its 2016 platform, a victory for progressives produced by a deal between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Just an hour later, however, Clinton-loyal members of the platform committee defeated two amendments that would have committed the party to expanding […]

One month later, California finishes its vote count, and Clinton wins

It lasted longer than the 1979 conflict between China and Vietnam, but California's slow-moving count of provisional and mail-in ballots is finally over — and as expected, Hillary Clinton won. Wednesday night, after ballots were finally processed in San Mateo County, Clinton had won 2,745,293 votes to 2,381,714 for Bernie Sanders. The eventual margin was 363,579 votes, or 7.1 […]

Sanders stays quiet on FBI announcement about Clinton

On Tuesday afternoon, as much of the political world discussed the FBI's decision not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders's campaign blasted a text message to supporters. "Tell the DNC Platform Committee to make sure they include Bernie's amendment to oppose the TPP," said the text. "Sign & share with #StopTPPNow." That, […]

GOP congressmen call for new independent counsel, to probe Clinton again

Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) became the first Republican to call for a new, independent investigation of Hillary Clinton's use of email during her years at the State Department, saying in a statement that the defunct independent counsel statute should be revived to "make an independent and impartial decision" about whether Clinton should be charged. “The […]

In Wisconsin’s ad war, good luck identifying the incumbent senator

Former senator Russ Feingold, perhaps the most surprising Democratic casualty of the 2010 midterms, is fighting to win back his seat after six years in academia and the State Department. His opponent, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), never ran for office before the 2010 victory. And someone tuning into the race after never previously paying attention […]

Sanders pushes back on Biden claim that he’s ready to endorse Clinton

Bernie Sanders's ongoing effort to avoid endorsing Hillary Clinton for president until the Democratic National Convention hit another hurdle today, when Vice President Biden told NPR that Sanders was quickly coming around. Weekend Edition co-host Rachel Martin tweeted the scoop early Thursday night, quoting what Biden had just told the network in an interview to be […]