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Jill Stein on vaccines: People have ‘real questions’

PHILADELPHIA — For a week, Jill Stein was everywhere that the Democratic National Convention was not. The Green Party's likely candidate for president made drop-ins to a four-day Socialist Convergence at the Quaker meeting hall, rallied "Bernie or Bust" protesters outside the gates of Philadelphia's sports complex and sat for interview after interview. When she […]

Wasserman Schultz resignation leaves some Sanders supporters wanting more

PHILADELPHIA – On Josh Fox’s 44th birthday, Debbie Wasserman Schultz issued her unceremonious, slow-motion resignation from the Democratic National Committee. It was his second-best present. The first: a rally of hundreds of climate change activists and Bernie Sanders supporters, gathered at a park miles from the Democratic National Convention in the city's Germantown neighborhood. “This […]

Democrats vote to bind most superdelegates to state primary results

PHILADELPHIA — After a lengthy debate and a deal between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party's rules committee voted to created a "unity commission" that would dramatically limit the role of convention "superdelegates," binding roughly two-thirds of them to the results of state primaries and caucuses. "The Commission shall make specific […]

Superdelegates clash begins at pre-DNC rules meeting

PHILADELPHIA — The rules meeting of the Democratic National Committee kicked off with protests from the outnumbered supporters of Bernie Sanders. On Saturday morning, a coalition of progressive groups held a news conference at the city's convention center to display the petitions they'd collected in favor of eliminating the "superdelegates" who were added to the process […]

Ted Cruz booed by angry delegates after failing to endorse Trump

CLEVELAND — The bitterest rivalry of the Republican primaries ended on Wednesday night, as Sen. Ted Cruz took the podium at the party’s convention and congratulated Donald Trump “on winning the nomination” — but did not endorse him. “Vote your conscience,” Cruz said. “Vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to […]

Alex Jones celebrates Trump’s takeover of the GOP

CLEVELAND — In the days before the Republican National Convention kicked off, a small plane could be seen buzzing above this city, trailing a garish and very visible banner: HILLARY FOR PRISON 2016 The banner and plane were funded by InfoWars, the all-purpose media outlet founded by the Texas radio host Alex Jones. Plenty of the […]

Clinton will push constitutional amendment to ‘overturn Citizens United’

ST. LOUIS — Hillary Clinton will call for a constitutional amendment to "overturn Citizens United" in her first 30 days as president and plans to make that announcement today to progressive activists at the annual Netroots Nation conference. "I will also appoint Supreme Court justices who understand that this decision was a disaster for our democracy," […]

Evan Bayh reintroduces himself to Indiana as a fed-up dad

This year's Senate race in Indiana offers voters a rare opportunity for deja vu. Six years ago, incumbent Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh announced his retirement and a desire to join the private sector. That helped rally Republicans around former senator Dan Coats, a Republican whose 1998 retirement had opened the door for Bayh in the […]