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Secret Service agents rush to stage as activists heckle Clinton

LAS VEGAS — Several Secret Service agents scrambled to the stage as a group of animal rights activists began heckling Hillary Clinton at a rally in Las Vegas on Thursday afternoon. Four agents rushed to surround Clinton onstage as a female protester breached the barrier around the stage. She was immediately stopped by another agent and […]

Warren Buffett says he’ll release his tax returns if Donald Trump does too

OMAHA — Two wealthy men, two IRS audits, two tax returns, and one date — possibly. Warren Buffett threw down the gauntlet Monday in Omaha, challenging Donald Trump to release his tax returns “anytime, anywhere” between now and election day. Buffett, chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway and among the top 10 richest men in the world, […]

In Ohio, Clinton warns voters not to be ‘misled’ by Trump

As Hillary Clinton closed out her three-day bus tour with a stop in Columbus, Ohio, she had a dire warning for voters: Don't be "misled" by Donald Trump. "I want people to have made an informed choice," Clinton said. "I don’t want folks to be misled, to listen to the rhetoric and the demagoguery." "I think […]

Clinton and Kaine debut the Democratic ticket in Florida

MIAMI — The newly formed Democratic ticket took the stage for the first time in Miami, showing off a partnership that prizes steadiness over flashiness. As Hillary Clinton presented her running mate, Sen. Timothy M. Kaine (Va.), to a roaring crowd of supporters, she noted that her choice stood in clear contrast to Republican nominee […]

Clinton mocks Trump, Republican convention: ‘Ted Cruz was right!’

TAMPA -- Hillary Clinton picked apart and sharply criticized Donald Trump's convention speech, which she said put his "dark and divisive vision" for the country on full display. Clinton noted that convention speaker after convention speaker fixated on her, which she called "perversely flattering." And she said it was Republican Sen. Ted Cruz who said it […]

Hillary Clinton meets with families of Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting

ORLANDO — Hillary Clinton on Friday met privately with the families and friends of victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando more than a month after a gunman killed 49 people there. The gathering came just ahead of a roundtable community meeting with city leaders, LGBT activists and religious leaders. "I'm really here to […]

Pro-Clinton super PAC, Priorities USA, raises $12 million in June

Priorities USA, a super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton, said it raised nearly $12 million in June. The haul brings the total amount raised to over $100 million so far in the cycle. That total includes $900,000 raised in conjunction with EMILY’S List, an organization that supports Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, and boosts women candidates in […]

Hillary Clinton’s new attack ad paints Trump as a bad role model

Hillary Clinton released her campaign's newest attack ad against Donald Trump, a brutal, minute-long reprisal of some of his most controversial statements as seen through the eyes of children. The sharply negative spot comes a day before Trump is expected to announce his vice-presidential running mate and several days before the Republican Party's convention. In […]

Bernie Sanders, now just a senator from Vermont, gets a rousing welcome at Latino gathering

It’s officially over for Bernie Sanders, the presidential hopeful. The massive crowds, the Secret Service detail, they're are all gone. But a few things haven’t changed. At his first appearance after officially endorsing Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, the junior senator from Vermont delivered a speech about party priorities virtually unchanged from the stump speech […]

Sanders finally loses U.S. Secret Service protection

More than a month after the Democratic Party's presidential primary came to an effective close, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is no longer under the protection of the U.S. Secret Service. The sharp drop-off came a day after Sanders formally endorsed Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire on Tuesday. At that event, both Clinton and Sanders had […]