Political Consultants Reveal How to Beat Pro-Trump Candidates

By Jon DavisAs the political campaign season heats up, Political Newswires is reaching out to the country’s biggest political consultants for advice on how to win in the Midterms.

This week’s political advice comes from Mark Macias – a political consultant who has run Congressional and US Senate campaigns for politicians, including a Congressional challenger who ousted an incumbent in 2010.

Macias has a deep understanding of how the media works. He’s been an Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York. He now runs his own political PR consulting firm, Macias PR, which is based out of New York.

Macias predicts most Congressional campaigns will be focused around President Trump. Are you for or against his agenda?

“You can always spot the pro-Trump candidate from a precinct away. He’s the politician throwing fireballs at the local rally, even if it’s held at the gas station,” said Macias. “With these pro-Trump candidates, you need to use their words and actions against them. More than likely, they are making arguments based on emotion. If you can exploit their platform weakness through logic, voters will listen.”

Here is more advice from Macias on how Democrats can take back the House.

How to Beat the Pro-Trump Congressional Candidate

1)  Appeal to the Highest Common Denominator

Macias says take the high ground when combating pro-Trump candidates. Don’t lower yourself to your opponent’s level by trashing an organization or group.

“Voters are tired of partisan politics – and they can read through low-level attacks,” said Macias. “Give your potential constituents credit that they will be able to read and see when your opponent is taking the low ground by attacking groups or individuals.”

2) Brand your Opponent as Unstable

Macias predicts the economy will continue to grow in 2018, but he says that doesn’t mean his Congressional followers will ride that coattail.

“A recent Quinnipiac poll shows close to 60 percent of Americans don’t approve of Trump. Candidates have a lot of latitude to associate your competitor as unstable, fringe and not in line with the values of most Americans,” said Macias. “Make sure your platform communicates why you are stable and your opponent is unstable. But don’t just say it. Demonstrate it in your speeches based on your opponent’s recent speeches and actions.”

3) Associate your Opponent with Trump

“President Trump will be toxic in 2018 and it is your job to communicate that to voters. Don’t expect your opponent to associate himself with Trump. He or she will hide from the White House when it’s appropriate. As the leader of your own campaign, it is your job to continuously communicate why voters need to remember that your opponent is a follower of Trump. If you brand your opponent quickly to Trump, it will stick with the 60 percent of Americans who say they don’t trust him,” said Macias.

You can read more political analysis from Macias on The Daily Caller and CNBC, or follow his blog here.