Trump adds another lawyer to his Russia investigation team

Trump adds another lawyer to his Russia investigation team

President Trump has hired prominent defense lawyer John Dowd to join his legal team amidst multiple probes into Russian interference in the 2016 election and reported allegations of obstruction of justice. Dowd, who has represented clients in cases involving the Justice Department and the Senate Ethics Committee, will join Trump’s legal team, which is led by […]

Despite latest controversy, some Christian conservative leaders say they’re still with Trump

Evangelical Christians  weren't pleased to hear Donald Trump's crude remarks about sexual assault on a video Friday, but several leaders say they will continue to support his candidacy. "Evangelicals are simply not going to vote for Hillary Clinton," said David Lane, a founder of the American Renewal movement, which is leading Christian voter mobilization efforts on behalf […]

How do Pence and Kaine agree on abortion?

The question came at the very end of the debate: How have you grappled with your faith and public life? Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, spoke about being opposed to the death penalty but allowing it to go forward in his state. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, his Republican rival, discussed his […]